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From humble beginnings, the Modern Star Group has evolved into Australia’s #1 partner and supplier of Educational Resources to Early Childhood Centres (EC) and Primary Schools (PS) with a growing presence across Asia including China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Girl playing with toy animals

Over the last 60 years Modern Teaching Aids, Modern Brands, Zart, Kesco and CleverPatch have become entrenched in the fabric of the teaching community in both Australia and New Zealand. All brands are renowned for their innovative product ranges, exceptional product quality, fast, reliable delivery and strong customer service.

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In 2016, The Modern Star Group’s parent company made an investment in Wisdom, a China-based provider of educational equipment and resources. Wisdom has a strong brand following amongst kindergartens in China and has equipment manufacturing capabilities domestically. It also exports EC furniture to MTA for distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Over the past three years MTA has collaborated with Wisdom to build a word-class product range of EC educational resources which are sold into Chinese kindergartens alongside furniture. The Modern Star group and Wisdom have continued to grow well above industry norms every year since they began, with further organic and acquisition expansion planned.

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Girl playing with toy animals


Modern Star has evolved since 1957 from “the man in the van” selling educational resources into early childhood centres to its position today as a trusted long term partner in education with unrivalled access to communicate directly with the teaching community.

September, 2017

Modern Star Group invests in Zart

A Melbourne-based art and craft supplier who specialises in art skills education through Professional Development, online workshops and conferences.
June, 2017

Modern Star Group acquires Genie Educational

A fully integrated mathematics resource provider to schools
July, 2016

Modern Star Group invests in CleverPatch

A Newcastle-based art and craft supplier to primary schools, event organisers and holiday programs
April, 2016

Modern Star Group invests and partners with Wisdom

A China-based provider of high quality educational equipment, furniture and resources to the Chinese kindergarten sector.
August, 2002

Modern Star Group acquires Kesco Educational

A fully integrated education resource provider to schools and early childhood centres. Emphasis on quality with everyday value.
July, 2002

Modern Star Group formed with Modern Teaching Aids and Modern Brands as subsidiaries

July, 1998

MTA acquires Kangaroo Educational, branded as Tutor Warehouse in New Zealand

A fully integrated education resource provider to schools and early childhood centres. Emphasis on best price.
October, 1994

Parent Direct issues first annual education fundraising catalogue

Parent Direct is a B-C fundraising business driven through community early learning centres.
June, 1957

Birth of Modern Teaching Aids

Modern Brands was established soon after as a means of giving toy suppliers access to educational channels.

Values & Vision

We Inspire children’s Learning and Creativity with our Passion for People, Quality and Service. We respect, listen, communicate, act and continue to Learn.

Be Passionate

about what you do

Inspire Learning

for customers and ourselves

Enable Creativity

to flourish


to customers and each other

be Respectful

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